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Updated: 28 min 22 sec ago

Russian Marker robots are sent to the NWO zone to fight German tanks

Tue, 02/28/2023 - 18:57
A wheeled platform weighing three tons can carry not only machine guns and missiles, but also unmanned aerial vehicles.

NATO Severely Miscalculated the Geopolitical Ramifications of ‘Their’ War in Ukraine

Tue, 02/28/2023 - 15:21
Although the West is persistently and arrogantly defending the Kiev regime against the reality that Russia will triumph in the war, it continues to ruin its own reputation in the eyes of the actual international community by lambasting countries, such as India, for not following their orders.

Are COVID Vaccines—Like COVID Itself—a “Pentagon Project”?

Tue, 02/28/2023 - 10:18
The whole COVID episode, including both the virus and the vaccine, was a US military project from the get-go.

Citizen Kane Rupert Murdoch Openly Admits Fox News is Complete Bullshit

Tue, 02/28/2023 - 09:22
Rupert Murdoch's 'temple of lies' at Fox exposed by Dominion lawsuit

The War in Ukraine: What Happens Afterwards?

Tue, 02/28/2023 - 07:45
The players in this latest grand global tragedy including Biden, Zelensky, Johnson, Truss, Sunak, Macron, Scholz and of course, Putin, deserve no praise whatsoever. They have made the world a much more dangerous place.

Russia no longer at mercy of global elite – Lavrov

Tue, 02/28/2023 - 07:13
“Therefore, we will no longer rely on someone when it comes to creating the external conditions for the development that we need,” Lavrov stressed, also pledging that Russia will not follow in the footsteps of the “selfish” West, and will take into account the interests of other independent states.

Russian Forces strike Ukrainian Army’s Electronic Intelligence Center in Kiev Region. 8,058 Tanks Destroyed

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 23:49
Russian forces struck the Ukrainian army’s electronic intelligence center in the Kiev Region over the past day during the special military operation in Ukraine, Defense Ministry Spokesman Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov reported on Monday. “In the area of the settlement of Brovary in the Kiev Region, the Ukrainian army’s radio-electronic intelligence center was struck,” the spokesman […]

How Russia learned to stop worrying about US-led oil sanctions by looking to Asia

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 20:55
The measure could also prove to be more disruptive for Western European nations, which relied on Russia for about 40% of their refined product imports. Perhaps most importantly, Russian diesel made up for a deficit in their own production.

Russia Is Willing to Defend Itself With Nuclear Weapons

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 20:53
“It is obvious to all the powers that be that if the US wants to defeat Russia, we are heading for a conflict on a global scale. If the US wants to defeat Russia, we have the right to defend ourselves with any weapon, including of the nuclear kind."

VT RADIO: Cheating Death

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 09:18
Podcast Host Johnny Punish discusses the science of how to live long and prosper with Dr. Rand McClain

SARS-2 Geopolitical Bio-Weapon. US Energy Department Blames China but Hides Fauci, Darpa & Gates Role

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 08:49

NATO Is a Suicide Pill for the World. Pray That Russia Wins

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 06:23
NATO is already now in a direct war with Russia and Russia has every right to strike targets in NATO countries like Germany and Poland that are acting as logistical centers in the supply of munitions to Ukraine.

East Palestine, the Facts by Jack Heart & Orage

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 04:10
east palestine ohio – Bing images First and foremost, there is only a slim “theoretical possibility of burning vinyl chloride forming dioxins which are known carcinogens. So far, no dioxins have been detected.” (1) Dioxins are the carcinogen present in Agent Orage that caused all the environmental havoc in Vietnam. Obviously, the narcissists employed by […]

Poll reveals Republicans’ preferences for 2024 race. DeSantis over Trump who is Running to a Huge Defeat

Sun, 02/26/2023 - 18:49
The reasons of very likely defeating of Trump in the GOP primary for White House Introduction by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio The article published by Russia Today (below) on the race inside the Grand Old Party (Republicans Party) for the 2024 presidential canditate is the first important signal. Indeed RT was one of the most […]

Alternatives to the IMF and the Future of the Welfare State in Asia

Sun, 02/26/2023 - 10:49
by Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake Dr. Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake, is a Social and Medical Anthropologist, based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. All links to Gospa News articles have been added aftermath. The economic proxy war between the rising and fading Superpowers is escalating and expanding in the “Asian 21stCentury.’ This was apparent in an (un)diplomatic exchange between Chinese and […]

Congressman: Jewish warmongers Nuland & Blinken ‘Are Dangerous Fools Who Can Get Us All Killed’

Sun, 02/26/2023 - 07:50
United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US State Department official Victoria Nuland “are dangerous fools who can get us all killed,” warns Paul Gosar, a Republican Representative of Arizona’s 9th Congressional district, in a reference to the two officials’ warmongering stance on the Ukraine conflict.

Why the Ukraine War Spells Doom For U.S. Hegemony and the NATO Alliance

Sun, 02/26/2023 - 07:45
The West has miscalculated the impact of the Ukraine war because it failed to understand the emergence of the multipolar global economy and how their economic sanctions have no longer the coercive power they once had.

Screwed: The US is not ready for a new nuclear arms race (with Russia)

Sat, 02/25/2023 - 17:20
On February 2, at the site of the American Arms Control Association , where Russian experts were online, the Americans called for the immediate start of negotiations on a new START- 4 treaty, since START-3 expires in 2026.

Why Russia may control Turkey’s Nuclear Energy for the next 80 years

Sat, 02/25/2023 - 16:49
On the cover image an inner compartment shell is being installed at the first unit of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in January 2022 in Turkey. The Akkuyu plant will include four Russian-designed VVER-1200 reactors built, owned, and operated by Rosatom, Russia’s state-controlled nuclear energy company. (Image Akkuyu Nuclear / François Diaz-Maurin) All links to […]

Starving Ukrainian Troops Surrender to Russia

Sat, 02/25/2023 - 03:00
The beginning of the end of the Ukrainian war?